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Penis Jewelry and Insertables
13 Piece Rosebud Sounds Kit
Increase your sexual pleasures with this rosebud sounds kit. This kit is comprised of 13 individual stainless steel sounds measuring 12 inches long and varying in size from 3mm to 15mm around...
Price: $82.60

Black Snake Teflon Urethral Wand
This stiff urethral insert offers plenty of girth, with a smooth, tapered design. The Black Snake is made of slick, seamless Teflon, perfect for gliding smoothly into place, with a stainless steel rin...
Price: $48.75

Brass Snake Cock Plug
This decorative piece has great attention to detail. The head of this cock plug is 1/4 inches wide. Some men find urethral plugs to be very stimulating...
Price: $49.00

Cleopatra Collection Clitoral Jewelry
Stimulate and dress-up your clit with this non-piercing jewelry. The Clit clip is non-tarnishing and nickel free...
Price: $7.95

Clit Clamp with Bell
Know where your slave is at all times with this Clit Clamp with Bell. Not only will you be able to hear them walking around, but your slave will also get a great sensuous feeling.?
Price: $7.00

D'Primer Penis Plug
This sexy black penis plug affords you the sensations of urethral play with a material that is flexible and lightweight. The D-Primer bends with the body and is contoured with swells throughout the sh...
Price: $11.25

Deluxe Flat Ended Sound Kit
This 14pc Deluxe Flat-Ended Sound kit is a great for kit for beginners or advanced users of urethral play. This kit contains 14 pieces of chrome-plated brass urethral sounds. These sounds are slightly...
Price: $53.20

Dittle Sounds Kit
What makes this sounds kit different? The Dittle Sounds are made out of stainless steel not chrome plated like many other kits. These babies are also very long. Measuring 11" in length. One end is...
Price: $62.93

Flexible Penis Plug
This flexible plug allows you to enjoy the urethral sensations easily and comfortably! Often penis jewelry is very rigid and can only be inserted straight in. The Flexible Penis Plug features a plasti...
Price: $82.60

Hegar 8" Urethral Sounds
The Hegar Sound Set is a urethral dilator sound set with a full set of 8 sounds. Each sound has a different sized end, thus the set offers sixteen sizes, ranging from 3 Fren...
Price: $50.40

Hegar Sound - 13 to 14 mm
Hegar Sounds are now available individually, for those who would like to try just one instead of purchasing a whole set. The Hegar Sound is a urethral dilator with each end a slightly different diamet...
Price: $11.97

Inertia Flexible Cum Thru Penis Plug
Sensory play with comfort in mind...This pliable plug features stainless steel interchangeable head rings and a stainless steel tip. The shaft is hollow silicone, which bends naturally, affording com...
Price: $48.00

Lancia Stainless Steel Shaft Urethra Sound
The Lancia Shaft features a tapered tip and solid body for serious pleasure. The ease-grip end allows for simple retrieval, and ensures the sound does not go in too deep. Gently spinning the exposed ...
Price: $28.13

Libertine Faucet Plug
The Libertine Faucet Plug from Master Series: the exquisite art of urethral play is taken up a notch with the addition of six sprinkler holes to keep you completely satisfied! This premium plug is mad...
Price: $30.98

Locking Deep Throat Prince Albert Wand
Put your naughty boy on lock down with the Deep Throat Prince Albert wand!The sinister design of this device lets you inflict delicious torture on your lover while you remain in full control of his pl...
Price: $129.56

Male External Catheter
Great for water sports or medical scenes. Keeps Master from getting messy. This self-adhering external catheter rolls easily over the penis much like a condom. It is lined with a strong adhesive on th...
Price: $7.00

Mini Fucker Penis Plug
The Mini Fucker Penis Plug gives the wearer the pierced look without have a Prince Albert piercing. The hollow design allows the wearer to wear the device 24/7. The wearer can pee or cum while wearing...
Price: $35.00

Mortal Coil Sound
The Mortal Coil sound Master Series is made of brushed stainless steel and is designed to increase pleasure. Progressive swells allow for added stimulation. Long and smooth, this sound is perfectly su...
Price: $45.00

Penis Crown
Your penis is king! Crown your penis now to complete the royalty treatment your penis deserves. Our penis crowns are contoured for a nice fit which accents the head of the penis. Many men claim that t...
Price: $39.20

Penis Head Glans Ring with Ball
Feel more during intercourse and when having an orgasm with this Penis Head Glans Ring with Ball! Simply place ring around your penis head, will fit nice and tight, and the ring along with the strateg...
Price: $19.60

Penis Head Glans Ring with Pressure Point
This glans ring is made with a comfortable cylindrical pressure point. It is designed to optimize your pleasure and give you more intense orgasms. Specifications: The glans ring is made of...
Price: $21.00

Penis Head Ring
This 1.25 inch penis head ring is an elastic ring that goes around the head of the penis. A cool looking and inexpensive piece of penis jewelry...
Price: $2.90

Penis Plugs
These penis plugs are made of high quality silicone and are so realistic you think he is actually inside you. Use the ridge under the head against your G-spot or prostate. The flared base on this dild...
Price: $19.28

Pierceless Prince's Wand
This Prince's wand can be used without piercing. The ring holds tight around the head of the cock while the shaft slides into the urethra. The hollow shaft allows the user to ejaculate or urinate w...
Price: $75.60

Pratt Urethral 11 Inch Sounds
This Pratt sounds set is 11" of orgasmic bliss! In this set there are approx. 8 sounds each at 11" long. Each sound is graduated in sizes, an...
Price: $58.00

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